All I'm Saying is When you Pray the Prayer of Jabez Be Ready

Yes, I really am attempting to learn Farsi... just what in the world is Farsi? A very difficult language, and I only need a few words, I just want to be able to share a few sentences so she'll know I cared enough to try.... I drove her home from English class, she shared a few giggles.... we shared a few words... "green, turn left, I have 2 sisters".... Will she know my heart hurts with love for her? Jesus is love and all I can say when He says love, that's my only option. Love does. Love knows no boundaries... Love tries and I have to try. Next time I see her I want to say Salam... Hello. I want her to know it mattered to me to try something new, to stretch myself for her. Her eyes tell me she's thankful I drove her home... Did they see her in her all black hijab in my car? She's from Afghanistan....Do I care? Jesus said love and I am loving. He's stretching me, I don't have all the answers regarding refugees, all I know is He said love... and they are they are my neighbor.

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Send My Students to Compete at Nationals in DC

BLHS FCCLA Members Competes in State Level Competition and Win GOLD students came in first place........................ now we have to raise the funds to send them to Wahsington DC for Nationals! Two Bluffton High School students competed in a FCCLA State level competition, Students Taking Action for Recognition, in North Charleston, SC at the Charleston Convention Center on Friday, March 13, 2015 through Sunday, March 15, 2015. The two students, Chloe Rizer (9th grade) and Nathalie Manrique (10th grade), won gold medals for the occupational category, “Advocacy,” in which the two students advocated for the homeless in the area. They both dedicated their time and efforts by collecting winter items at the school from faculty, staff, and students to donate to the homeless. In addition, the students made and sold soup for $5 and donated all proceeds to Feeding America. Later, the students had to display their hard work for advocating to the homeless in a presentation format from an extensive rubric to a panel of three judges at the State competition. In order, to receive a gold medal and proceed to Nationals all participants had to have an average score from all three judges ranging from 90-100. Needless to say, these two students received an average score of a 92 and won 1st place, which awarded them a chance to compete at the National competition in Washington, D.C. in July against other schools in the United States. The students are planning to fundraise to attend the event. Their advisers, Kimberly Burke and Amy Waddell, are proud of their accomplishments, and cannot wait until next year to work with these phenomenal students, again. The students had a great experience as each met new people, attended workshops, voted on new officers, competed in STAR events, learned new skills, and welcomed the ultimate leadership experience into their lives.

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EdTech Training and Scripture

An update from the Queen of multitasking..currently being drawn to a few verses as I'm a little overwhelmed these days... .in a nutshell at this moment I'm supposed to be listening to the trainer however,  I'm adding all my apps to a new device and this is basically a test to make sure my blogger app is loading correctly because that's important.  So I'm in this EdTech Training again receiving our new devices with my posse, lol.... (blessed with the best coworkers around) but sorry Apple, the iPads are a thing of the past  and we're getting the new Dell (tablet/laptop) thrilled as I am with this one since in order to be up to date with technology and productive, kids need to have keyboards, flash drive capabilities etc usual though,  my mind is a million miles away ... as we're training,  I'm planning my life and getting organized and then I'm reminded of Proverbs 21:5 "the plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance..." I'm depending on it!  And then He gives me another one and I'm especially counting on it... my favorite page in the Bible James 1:2-4 to be real in my life because I'm in trials of every kind and being tested, but having full faith to be complete, lacking nothing with Him.
Guess I'll try and focus... When is lunch?!

Children Of The Day

I've unofficially promoted Beth Moore for years having participated in and/or led all of her Bible studies.... I am jealous of her thirst for the word .  Children of the Day is her upcoming study on I and II Thessalonians and excitedly I have been selected to be a part of the Launch Team.... Stay tuned for more information right here on my blog, facebook,  twitter,  Pinterest or Instagram on this study in the coming days!